Wednesday, April 10, 2013

5 months old. Can he get any cuter than this? Yea, I think he can ;)

I am a day late posting his 5 months. Yesterday was just crazy! Back to having 4 kids Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. I'm lucky the little guy I have those days is so easy going and just loves playing with the girls!

Back to the topic, my little guy turned 5 months old. Amazing! I always tell people that after having your third and last child, you'd think time would go slower so you'd actually be able to take in the cute little moments for more than just a second or two. I was wrong. He started eating baby cereal last week and is loving it! He still prefers the bottle but definitely doesn't mind being able to sit with his sisters around the table (in his pink high chair, may I add) and eat with them. Last month he rolled over from his back to his tummy. Such a bitter sweet move he was able to do. Yes, he can roll onto his tummy but he would start freaking out from frustration because he was stuck. Now he is a rolling machine. Rolling over from back to tummy and then tummy to back. I honestly don't even know when he started doing this but he has and is enjoying the fact that he doesn't get stuck on his belly anymore. He'll roll from one end of the blanket to the other end. Sometimes even off the huge blanket I have laid out for him. Such a roller. Now, what I'm about to say next... I don't even know if I should say it... but... he has been sleeping 12 hours straight this whole week!!! Every morning this week, Mike and I ask each other if one of us fed Declan in the evening and we both shake our heads no.

For example, our conversation as per this morning:

Mike: "Did you feed Declan during the night?"

Me: "No, did you hear him cry at all?"

Mike: "No."

We then both look at each other and smile...

Me: "I don't even know if I should say what I want to say right now, I might jinx this whole thing"

Mike: "No, don't say it... I'm sure we're both thinking it... don't say it"

We are so unbelievably happy that he is being an amazing sleeper. Mckenzie was 2 months when she started sleeping a whole 12 hours, never had a problem with her. So you can see from that, I wasn't exactly used to waking up in the middle of the night for feeds. You are probably thinking, "well, he's 5 months now, aren't you used to waking up in the middle of the night to feed him?". My answer is, no. I don't think I will ever get used to waking up in the middle of the night. As much as you think my body will train itself to get used to being up... It won't, because what this body (my body) loves most is rest and sleep. I love resting and sleeping and  I'll take as much of both as I can (which, by the way, doesn't happen too often). If you know me, you know how thrilled I am about all this ha ha.

Declan is a growing machine and I only wish he would stop growing. Literally! I just finished shopping for him because he grew out of all his clothes 6-12 month clothes and only had a few shirts in 12-18 months. I hope he lasts in this size a lot longer. Other than all the amazing things he's been doing, he is doing what any other cute little babe would be doing at his age : a lot of baby talk, drooling (and lots of it!), a lot of excited screams, laughing, smiling, staring contests, pooping, farting (the smelliest I have smelled too), peeing, trying to sit on his own... the usual :).

Here is a little clip from yesterday of Declan laughing at Sadie. It's an everyday occurrence here in this house but Sadie always seems to find something new to spruce her performance up a bit for her baby brother.

Enjoy :)