Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bigger and better is what they say...

In this case, we are talking about a house. This is probably the quickest decision we've made by far. We never ever talked about moving, building or living in a smaller town unless it was moving to Newfoundland. I always thought we'd stay in the house until we did move there. Change of plans, I got a phone call from Mike two months ago talking about the area in Okotoks (20 minutes outside of Calgary) he was working in and how much he really liked it. He loved the fact that there were a lot of families with younger kids. He would always tell me about the park being filled with kids playing on the nice days we had. After that, everything just happened so quick. Looking at different show homes, buying a lot, going over plans and what we want in the house. And just like that, the decision to move was made. I don't even think Mike and I even sat down and really talked about whether or not we should do this. The decision was pretty much made (by Mike, of course).

Last night we finally received our plans for the house. We pretty much spent all night looking over every little detail and switching up a few things, adding a foot in rooms, adding stone where ever we thought would look good (we have about 4 or 5 walls plus a fireplace that will be covered with stone. good thing this is Mike's thing.), and so much more. I'm actually a little excited for our blue print review coming up this week. Once our review is done, everything will be finalized and they will start breaking ground. It's all happening fast... excited and kind of looking forward to the house being done. But there are still a lot of things to do around this house that I am not looking forward to do. Oh joy. Let the packing, de-cluttering, cleaning and replacing begin (not my thing).

She's ours!!!

One of the many places Mike plans on putting stone.

Our floor plans for the main and second floor.

I'm so glad Mike will have an actual office for his stuff. The kids have way too much fun going thru his files, plans and pressing buttons on the printer.

Looking forward to more space in the kitchen. Not exactly my dream kitchen (fingers crossed I get it in Newfoundland) but I love the amount of cupboards we will have and the prep space for me! Another thing I am looking forward to is the deck Mike will be building. By the way, have I mentioned that I LOOOOVE having a handy man. I am so grateful for everything Mike does for me and the kids. Blessed in so many ways!

The reason why I agreed to move on the spot. Bedrooms for each kid. The girls share a room and at first we thought it was such a great idea. The girls are so close, they just love each other so much. Pretty much inseparable, Mckenzie gets so upset seeing Sadie leave her. And after being separated for a certain amount of time (even for 20 minutes); when they are together again, they will run to each other with open arms yelling each others names until they've reached one another to finally give each other big hugs and big kisses. Sweet, right? But bedtime is such a nightmare. The week Mike was gone on his sledding trip, the girls would be up till midnight playing and tearing their room apart. I have never been so exhausted in my life, that week was full of A LOT of crying, late late.. late nights, banging on doors, banging on walls, boo boos and more. So after that experience we now have Sadie sleeping in our bed and Mckenzie in the girls bed. Then when Mike and I are ready to sleep, we move Sadie back in her room. We've been doing it for a couple months now and it works like a charm but it would be nice to not have to move Sadie into her room on her own bed every night. So I am looking forward to the kids having their own room and decorating their rooms that fit their personality. Also, a bonus... their rooms are on the other side of the house. A bonus room, kids bathroom and laundry room separates their rooms from ours. Happy parents we will be!

And the rest of the house. I love that the laundry room is on the second floor and the fact that I have more space to store MORE laundry to sit in for a week or so. ha ha! Mike knows how much I love doing laundry (insert sarcastic laugh here).

And there we have it folks, a 2445 sq ft. house that will be ready to be lived in by next year March. Looking forward to the new house. Not looking forward to everything leading up to it. Our "to-do list" is VERY long. Where do I even start??? Help!