Friday, January 21, 2011

down the line.

So the first couple weeks of January, there was always a sick person in the house. Sadie was sick first for about a week and a half... fever and everything. Half way thru her recovery, I ended up getting sick with just a bad cold and sore throat and half way thru my recovery, Mike got sick... I think he and Sadie got the worse of this sickness cause I was still able to do things I needed to do -- well some things. haha Mike took at least 4 days off work or else he would have been sick for longer. Poor guy, we've never been so apart being in the house till he got sick. It was weird having him lay on the couch and me being on the other. Was not fun.

But every story has their happy ending, and with this sick story, i'm happy to say that everyone is back to their normal health and running around like crazy.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

all aboard!

I got a new family doctor for me and Sadie a couple weeks ago since her previous doctor was all the in the north east... I thought rather than driving a half an hour to and from the doctors, why not get a new one. So this family doctor of ours is located right inside a Wal-Mart as well and right by the entrance there is a little hot dog/ice cream truck that Sadie LOVES to ride on!

So it's become a doctor visit thing to ride on this truck either before or after our visit. It's funny cause she knows where to go now so once we step into wal-mart or the doctors office, she tries to make it straight to her favorite ride.

It's all fun and dandy until it's time to go... if she could, she'd stay in there forever.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

poor sick sadie :(

Happy 2011 everyone!! We hope everyone had a great night ringing in the new year.

As for Sadie, i'm sure it's safe to say that she's had better nights. She was so sick new years eve. She was up all night cause she had a fever and was coughing so much, nose was stuffed, and tried as hard as she could to not throw up. I was up with her early morning holding her and trying to rock her to sleep but she just couldn't sleep. And everytime she did fall asleep, I would try to lay her in her bed, but she would wake up and cry with her arms out. Finally at 730 in the morning, new years day, she was out and I was able to lay her down. My arms were so sore from carrying her. Definitely made me realize that Sadie isn't a little babe anymore.

A couple days passed and her fever just wouldn't go away so we went to see the doctor and he said that she had some sort of infant virus... Poor girl had no energy at all when he was looking at her. She was slouched, eyes half open and cheeks as red as Santa Claus.

We came home and she was in and out of her sleep all night.

She's a little better today, still throwing up but has alot more energy than before. Hopefully she gets well soon. Although, she is a lot more cuddly, which I absolutely LOVE! These past couple days, we've just cuddled on the couch and would watch movies or her tv shows all day.