Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween :)

Hope everyone had a great halloween! This year, the girls dressed up as princesses. Sadie as Snow White and Mckenzie (this being her first halloween) as Belle. I'm sure I can speak for both Mike and myself when I say that we're kind of glad that halloween is over because there are sparkles ALL over the house from Sadie's dress. Once she put on the costume, she would never want to take it off. Who could blame her, she looked so cute in it.

Mckenzie's first halloween. Our little 'Belle'. 

I took the girls to the mall for some fun indoor trick or treating. This year, Sadie was able to say, "trick or treat, "happy halloween" and "thank you" a lot more clearer. After the mall, we headed to Mcdonalds. As we were leaving, a few people who worked there kept saying she was so cute and asked if Snow White wanted some ice cream. Obviously her answer was yes. They walked her behind the counter and she was able to make her own ice cream cone. She had the biggest smile on her face and was so amazed!!

Snow White all ready to go trick or treating

Daddy with Snow White
Mommy with Snow White

 Sadie's first time trick or treating outside. Yay! And surprisingly enough, it wasn't too cold out. My plan was only to take her to a couple of houses but she really got into the whole knocking on the door and yelling out 'trick or treat!' that we went down our whole block and then some. There were a couple girls dressed as Snow White as well and when she would see them, she'd get so excited and say, "I'm Snow White too". She loved seeing the pumpkins on the steps. When it was getting pretty late, I'd tell Sadie, "o.k one more house and then home". Sadie would agree, but after we'd leave a house, she'd then say, "one more house o.k?" then after that house she'd say the same thing. 'One more house' ended up being 6 more houses. And when I would actually tell her, "o.k, Sadie, this is the last house". Her reply would be, "just one more house o.k, geeze mommy!". Such a fun time taking her tho. Can't wait until next year when Mckenzie will be able to walk around and collect candy for mommy and daddy - I mean, for herself.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


We carved pumpkins tonight. I haven't carved pumpkins in forever so when I started the whole cutting and cleaning, I realized that this takes up a lot of time! Nonetheless, it was fun times with the family. Mckenzie was up for half of the stenciling and carving and then put to bed. Sadie kept us entertained and 'helped' mommy stencil (helped as in, lightly held the top of the marker while mommy stenciled.)

After all the cleaning, stenciling, carving and more cleaning... we toasted some pumpkin seeds with salt and cinnamon. Yum!
I'm getting pretty excited for halloween. I can't wait to dress the girls up in their costumes and take them 'trick or treating'. This will also be Sadie's first year 'trick or treating' door to door. I'm not excited about going out in the cold, but we're only going to a few houses on our street.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe halloween!!!! :)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

for your entertainment...

here are just a couple vids of the girls, enjoy! :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

what she said...

" Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE, the word itself says "I'M POSSIBLE". "
- Audrey Hepburn

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sadie and Mckenzie's first Disney experience...

The Disney store is  new and improved at SouthCentre Mall and it looks so much better now. Sadie loved being in there and did not want to leave EVER! With the grand re-opening of the store came two of Walt Disney's friends - Minnie Mouse and Pluto (I'd like to say thanks to a couple friends for the phone call letting me know that this was all happening). We waited patiently in line to see either Minnie or Pluto... I was really hoping to see Minnie but she went on a break right when we got there :( haha. Anyways, Sadie was soooooo good waiting in line, didn't complain or anything. When we slowly crept towards the front of the line, Sadie was getting more excited. Getting closer, Sadie would try to get Pluto's attention by saying "woof woof" or she'd wave and say "hi Pluto!!". As all this was happening, I was thinking, "alright, Sadie is pretty excited about this. She isn't gonna cry when she sees him and everything will be fine". I was getting pretty excited myself. But when the time actually came to see and take a picture with Pluto, Sadie froze and was speechless. She stood behind my leg as I kindly forced her to wave hi to Pluto and say cheese to the camera. Pluto tried anything and everything to get Sadie to hug him and play but Sadie's facial expression said, "no dice". So he moved on to Mckenzie saying hi and would try to give her kisses with that big mouth of his but I don't think Mckenzie cared one bit. She had a straight confused face the whole time we were there. Didn't know what the heck was going on. So we just took the picture with Pluto and left. All in all, it was still fun to see a couple Disney characters and not have to travel all the way to California.

Mike and I have been talking about a trip to Disneyland but totally when the girls are older! ha ha!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

you're backyard friends, the Backyardigans!

It's the Backyardigans everyone... If you haven't heard of them, take a look at this video.

Word on the street was the Backyardigans were coming to Calgary. So we decided to buy tickets and make it a 'Sadie day'.

{ 'Sadie day' - Mike and I had a talk about having a 'Sadie day' and 'Mckenzie day' (obviously when kenzie is a little older). Where we dedicate that day just for which ever girl's day it was. This 'day' would at least be once a month either with the whole fam or just one on one. Eventually, when they get older, they would be able to decide what they want to do for their day.}

So we took Sadie out for lunch, went to ikea and let her play around there. It's one of her favorite places to run around and play. I love how Ikea is such a family friendly store! After eating and running around, off we went to see the Backyardigans. When we arrived, we noticed that just about every kid was holding a wand with 3 stars on it. Sadie took one look at all the lights blinking from the wand and made it clear to us that she wanted one as well. It was a fun show and honestly, I don't mind watching this show either. So I enjoyed it just as much as Sadie did. Actually, that's a lie. When the show was done and the backyardigans said they had to go home, Sadie was pretty upset and said she wanted them to stay. So I guess Sadie enjoyed it more than mommy did. 'Sadie day' was a success!

 Kenzie and daddy enjoyed the show too........ ha ha!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Miss ya girl!

So one of my fave girls of all time, Sherri Cardona, left me earlier today. I'm sad she's gone and hope that I see her again soon. She lived here in Calgary for a couple months and the time we spent together just wasn't long enough. Having her here made me miss all the good times we had way back in our younger, more simpler years - our many sleep overs, talks about boys, watching movies, staying up super late and eating. Always eating haha.

I miss you Sherbear and can't wait to see you again. I'm sure Kenzie will miss your 'forced' cuddles, Sadie will miss her Tita 'erri' and Mike will miss hearing about your dates to insitute hahaha.

Love you girl!

- Javy Jane
this was back when I had "Trixie" in my belly

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

it's that time of year again...

26 more days till Halloween is here. What are you being for halloween and if you have kiddies - what are you dressing them up as?? As for Sadie and Mckenzie, I still have no clue.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

kenzie's first time with baby food



O.k, can you believe that Mckenzie is 4 months old already? Time flies and this baby is growing up way too fast. She had her vaccination/check-up appt. yesterday and she did so well. She definitely cried a little because of the shots but other than that she was a trooper.

Where she's at today:

Weight: 17.5 lbs (90th percentile)
Height: 27 inches (97th percentile)

Our nurse said that she is proportionate and is definitely thriving! This is great news and we love hearing it :)

I've also started feeding her baby cereal before her bottle. She wasn't a fan of it at first and didn't finish her bowl but after a couple more feeds of baby cereal, she has taken a liking to it.

Mckenzie's first take on baby cereal. Not the happiest.