Monday, November 21, 2011


Our little Kenzie girl is 6 months old today. I can't believe how much she has grown. She is THE most relaxed baby ever and is always so happy. She has so much patience (i'll admit, she gets that from her daddy). She can sit ... I mean, lay anywhere and wait quietly to be picked up. In the mornings, I don't exactly grab her right away from her crib when she wakes up because I just love listening to her talking to herself thru the monitor. It's the sweetest thing. She is now an expert at rolling over. I lay her on her back in one spot and immediately, she'll roll over onto her front. Then a few seconds later she will roll over on her back and so on. I would leave her for a minute or so and when I come back she is off the matt and chillin on the carpet. Now that she has aced rolling over, she is now trying to get on her hands and knees so she can start crawling. Poor girl, it's hard seeing her struggle and get frustrated over it. She will push herself up with her arms and slowly try to get up on her knees but always ends up falling forward cause her arms give out. She tries and tries and tries, so I know she'll get there soon. And when that day comes, that's when the gates go up ha ha. 

It honestly seems like yesterday when I was watching Sadie try to crawl. Now it's Mckenzie. Speaking of Sadie, her birthday is in 9 days. Her THIRD birthday that is. Where does the time go??

here's a little video of Sadie and Mckenzie. Mckenzie sure loves her Sadie and Sadie sure loves her Kenzie.



  1. Aww...good ol' Kenzie. I can't believe Sadie is turning 3!! That video is so cute. Sadie is so funny and Kenzie is so chubby!! I want to squeeze her!! I miss you too girl!!

    tita sherri

  2. ps. Of course...I would love to make stuff for the girls!