Sunday, January 15, 2012

picture update

 These two absolutely LOVE each other. Although, Sadie still needs to learn how to share... she just LOVES being with Mckenzie. Playing with her, cuddling with her, making her laugh - she just always wants to be where Kenzie is and doing the same things she's doing. And I know Kenzie adores Sadie. Today, I was feeding Kenzie lunch and she heard Sadie singing coming down the stairs. Kenzie turned her face in the direction her sisters voice was coming from and started bouncing in her chair and had the biggest smile. Sadie finally walked into the kitchen/living room and Kenzie just stared laughing. It was the cutest thing i've seen so far!

 Sadie & Daddy. She got a tool box with a whole bunch of tools from 'Santa' and now everytime daddy has something to fix or do that needs some sort of tool, Sadie grabs her tool box and 'helps' him. She loves her daddy. Every time when he comes home from work, she'll hear the door open and she'll have a big smile on her face and say "daddy's home!" and run down to see him.

Mckenzie has been sitting up all on her own now. She loves being able to sit and play with her toys and being able to have more control. I haven't seen her on her hands and knees lately. I think she's taking a little break from trying to crawl cause she just enjoys sitting on her bum!
Sadie : "Mommy, I want to paint my nails"
Me: "O.k"
Sadie: "Mommy, I'm a princess, I want my earrings, I like purple, I want long hair."

Every time I'm at my vanity desk, Sadie loves sitting on the floor or with me and just watches me. Whether i'm doing my make-up, my hair, putting on jewellery. Whatever it is, she will just sit there and watch. Most of the time she'll ask to use a few of my brushes here and there... or say "my turn, my turn".

I am also starting a new blog on health and fitness. I really want to focus on eating healthy, being fit and active. And this time stick to it. I figured keeping track of what I'm doing or will be doing will be a good way to stick to this 'new year resolution'. So wish me luck and stay tuned... i'll post the site address later.

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  1. cute! I can't get enough of kenzie and how much she's grown!! and sadie's so funny! she's going to be marty like her mama!