Thursday, February 17, 2011

catching up.

I'm not a huge Valentine's day kind of person, so Mike and I didn't exactly do anything special or go out. But I did do a little something that he'd find the morning of. I stayed up late and baked him a big heart shaped cookie and found little love quotes, comics and pictures. I printed the ones I liked and posted it all over the house where he'd find them in the morning ie. the front door where he gets the paper, his thermos, the mirror etc. It wasn't much but it took me forever!

I told him no presents or cards or anything because I really don't find Valentine's day to be a big thing, but in the morning when I came down for breakfast, there was a card and chocolates on the counter. It made me smile and I absolutely loved the card.

On a different note, my little Sadie baby is growing up to be such a big girl. She is talking more and has a lot more attitude. I know i've been slacking with the updates, so here is a quick update on my not so little girl.

As you can see, Sadie has bangs now... she looks so much older. I can't believe she's growing up. ahh!
She LOVES to say "oops, sorry". It is the cutest thing, you just have to be here to hear her say it.
She is such a diva and has a lot of attitude. She will seriously point at you and say "NO!" in such a stern voice.
She is now calling me "mommy"! For the longest time she would call my mom and I "mama" and I was so worried she'd be calling us the same thing forever but everytime she sees me or wants me, she yells out "mommy". It really makes my day hearing her say that. She can also call Mike with an "M" now. So no more "bike" or "bikey" haha And as for Sophia, she still calls her "Ala". We have no idea where she got that from, but from time to time she'll either call her "Ala" or "Tita". Depends on her mood I guess. haha
She LOVES to dance. Especially like a little ballerina. I can't wait to put her in lessons!!
And she is so cuddly, I love it! She gives me hugs all the time and I love how she climbs into bed with me in the mornings, gets underneath the covers and she puts her arm around me. TOO CUTE!

So... I haven't exactly started potty training her :S I know, i'm a little late, but I'm planning on potty training her starting next week. So wish me luck!!! I found this Dora little potty thing to put over the adult potty, so hopefully that motivates her to go. But she absolutely hates the toilet and the loud noises it makes when you flush it. So i'm a little worried, but fingers crossed she will be trained by the time baby girl Mackenzie comes out.

So Mike is gone to Trout Lake, BC on a sledding trip for 4 - 5 days with his buddies. He LOVES sledding... and when it's not sledding it's about cars - mainly corvettes. He tries to go sledding every weekend and talks about it all the time. I just miss him so much right now. But I know he's having a great time and I'm happy he is able to take a break from working because he has been working so hard. I just wish it was Sunday already... as much as I like having a big bed to myself, I would much rather be sharing it with him. 3 more days!!!