Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Mike's Birthday past on the 31st of January and he turned 31. Wait... did I just realize NOW that he turned 31 on the 31st? Oh man do I suck! Ah well. That day he went sledding with a buddy of his all day. He definitely had a blast... he came home late talking about how nice it was and the things he was doing. I love hearing him talk about the things he loves. He gets so into and i'm sure he can talk for days!

Anyways, while he was gone I decided to bake him a cake so he can blow candles out when he gets home. I was a little behind schedule but better late than never... I finished the cake and he blew out his candles before bed. I had a piece of cake before bed and Mike had a couple bites of mine... sooooo yummy! We finished that cake pretty fast it was so good!

Make a Wish=)