Sunday, March 6, 2011

Veggie Sadie

Just a few Sadie updates:

Earlier this month she went thru a phase of not eating anything AT ALL. Just a tiny bites here and there but would not sit down and eat a meal... well, that changed a couple weeks ago. I'm glad it did cause it got me worrying.
She's eating but is still very picky. She's picky, yes, but only picky between her meats, fruits and veggies. I mean, she LOVES her fruits and veggies and HATES her meats. Mike says she's going to be a vegetarian.... we'll see about that. I'm glad she's at least eating the healthy stuff. She loves apples, strawberries, bananas, oranges, broccoli, cucumbers, a little bit of tomatoes and carrots... those are her favorite. I have yet to try out new things with her. As for meat, she barely eats any... The only thing meaty she'll eat is chicken nuggets. We had chicken last night for dinner, she ate her rice and veggies but poked at the chicken. Not sure what to do to get her to eat meat!

When Sadie sleeps at my mom's, i'm gonna guess she's always with her Tita Feeya a.k.a "Ala" haha. This is her mitten that Sophia turned into a puppet. Sadie loves it and gets us to play with it all the time .

She is saying a lot of words and knows more than I thought she knew. The other day we were going thru her animals book and she listed almost half the animals that were in the book, I was surprised. The few she missed were hippo, panda bear etc. But she pretty much knew the basic animals.
Speaking of animals, she knows most of the noises the animals make. But when you ask her what a horse makes she says, "yeeehawww". She'll learn eventually.

She is getting to be quite the dancer and actress. She'll sometimes sit on the couch with me and we'll just make every face we can possibly make to each other. Her facial expressions are hilarious. She loves to dance like a ballerina which gets me so excited to put her into dance that much more! And she definitely knows how to wimper when things don't go her way. And when it doesn't, she'll walk away facing the ground with a pouty face and she'll shrug her shoulders. It's quite funny.