Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sadie 24/7

So since i'm not working and just waiting for baby Mckenzie to come out, all my time is spent with Sadie and I LOVE it! She's definitely in her "terrible twos" phase (and i heard 3 is worse, just great :P) - a lot of attitude, a lot of talking back in baby talk and everything else you can imagine. Attitude or not, she still brightens up my day.

I'm trying to spend as much time with her as I can before Mckenzie comes because I know that all my attention won't be on her anymore, which kind of worries me.But Mike always reassures me that Sadie will learn to understand and that he's sure, every parent that brings home a second or third child goes thru the same thing.

What's new with Sadie?
- she knows how to count up to 13 - she can count up to 10 in spanish
- she's learning a lot of new spanish words, all thanks to Dora and Diego... who know kids actually learn from these shows.
- when she meets someone new she says "hi, my name is Sadie" then point at me and say "and this is mommy, say hi mommy" haha
- she is now sleeping thru the whole night! no more 3 am wake ups asking for milk. i'm so happy!

P.S - 7 weeks till the big day, will she come on time or not? that's the question.