Monday, April 11, 2011

Follow - up.

So last week I had an ultrasound just to see how baby was doing and my body as well. I've been in so much pain lately and as much as I love being pregnant - i'm looking forward to not going thru this pain anymore. Today was my follow up appt. and i'm glad that everything is fine and Mckenzie is doing great. So my maternity clinic that I go to is on the second floor in Superstore and Sadie absolutely loves when I have my doctors appointments just so she can look down onto the first floor. She could stand there for hours and just talk her baby talk pointing at all the things she can see. When we got home there was a jack rabbit hopping around in our backyard. Sadie got so excited and kept saying "bunny bunny" and whenever it hopped Sadie would come closer to me. Thinking about it, this is the first time Sadie's seen a rabbit in real life. She kept saying "hi bunny" and when the bunny hopped off, she'd say "bye bye bunny"... "oh no, where did bunny go?"