Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sadie is 3!!!!

A week ago, our princess turned 3 years old!! I still can't believe how big she is getting. It really seemed like yesterday she was learning how to crawl. The weekend of her birthday, we threw her a last minute birthday party (Mike and I figured, why not!). We invited some friends and neighbors over. Thank you to those who made it out with last minute invites! Mike and I really appreciate it and Sadie loved all her gifts!!

Here are just some pictures that happened over the weekend and on her birthday :)

She LOVED having us sing 'happy birthday' to her. She had us sing it about 3 - 4 times. 

Blowing real hard.
P.S. I baked her strawberry cake with pink creamcheese buttercream frosting

Eating some birthday cake

2 hours before she woke up, I blew up some balloons and taped them all over the floor in the girls' room. It was easy to do but I had to be verrrry quiet to make sure I didn't wake her up. That was the hard part. When I got to my second last balloon, another balloon that I didn't tape down so well ended up floating to the ceiling and popped. And it was a LOUD pop! I froze and my heart was pretty much beating out of my chest, hoping Sadie didn't wake up from the loud pop. To my surprise, she didn't. Thank goodness. I taped the last two balloons down, grabbed a few of her building blocks and placed them over the tapes to secure it and bolted out of her room.

It was a success. She woke up, came downstairs and got me. We went back upstairs and I told her to turn the lights on... when she did, I heard her gasp and say "wowwww" haha. I really wish I got a picture of her reaction.  

The eve of her birthday, daddy came home from work and we packed up the kiddies in our sweet mini van and off we went to see the christmas lights. After the christmas lights, we took her bowling. She called it baseball tho. Don't know where she got that from. 

Sadie's first time bowling

Daddy helping out the birthday girl

Daddy's turn.

Kenzie was a great spectator!

Sadie beat mommy and daddy. Woohoo!
Just a few Sadie-things:

She LOVES anything Princess and Wizard of Oz. It is so hard to get her to wear a shirt and pants. All she wants to wear are dresses because that's what Dorothy and the Princesses wear. She also got Aurora slippers for her birthday and when she is in the house, they are on at all times!

She loves doing puzzles.

She is very demanding and has a lot of attitude. Even sometimes daddy can't handle it... I don't even want to think about when she becomes a teen.

When she does something that she knows she's not supposed to do, she goes to time-out. When mommy does something she doesn't like, mommy goes to time-out.

She can count to 20 :)

She loves to pose and show off her dresses.

She is SO dramatic. Just ask anyone who knows her.

She loves McDonalds. Not because of the food, but because she meets so many new friends there. Mommy meets new friends there as well. But I love how she is can interact with other kids and get a long with them. Mind you, most of them are all older kids. She just loves the older kids.

She's very into using the word "NO!"

A few words/sayings that has been added to her vocabulary:

"geeze, mommy"

"oh my gosh"

"i'm wizard of oz"

"the sun is up, i'm awake. no more sleeping"

"oh pickles"

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  1. Happy birthday to Sadie! I wish I could have been there! That's an awesome sign and the cake looks soo good!