Monday, June 3, 2013

A little girl in our house turned two a few weeks ago. May 21st to be exact. 

We do the whole balloon thing every other birthday. It's so funny and exciting seeing their faces light up when they walk into a room full of balloons. Mike and I had fun blowing the balloons up the night before. When we finally ran out of balloons we had a bit of helium left so of course, Mike decides to suck up whatever was left out of the tank and goof off. I have never laughed so hard in my life. Probably the funniest thing I've seen in my life. I wish I had taped him so I could put it up but then again, he'd probably shoot me ha ha.

She loved the balloons. It's the one word she can say that you can understand "balloooooons". That and the word "two". If you ask her how old she is she'll hold up all four fingers (she's really trying to just hold up her two, but she can't) and says "twoooo". Cute enough!

Her birthday cake. I'm happy how it turned out. The last birthday cake I made was for Sadie's 3rd birthday and it was such a disaster! I also made her cake at 2 in the morning (the day of her party, not a good idea). This time I was prepared. Made it the day before and started early afternoon. Even tho I had 3 screaming kids who refused to nap, I was still able to make all the treats. I baked a chocolate cake for the bottom and vanilla cake on top with a vanilla butter cream frosting. I also made fondant for the first time. Thanks to a great friend who came over and helped me finish off the cake with mini paint easels saying "happy birthday Mckenzie". Mike mastered icing the cake. He was watching me try to make the icing on the cake look nice when he said, "that looks just like how I would smooth out cement. Do you want me to do it for you?". Sure enough, he smoothed it all out and made the cake even. I ended up putting finger prints and marks on the cake while I layed the fondant pieces on but it still turned out great.
 Mike made a display paint easel for the chocolate cupcakes I baked. So grateful for a handy man with tools. I also made rainbow colored cake pops, rice crispy "paint brushes" and red blue yellow and green chocolate chip cookies.

 Once all the painters arrived, we made our way onto the deck and started making our masterpieces. 

It's been raining here for 2 weeks so I was worried that it would rain on the day of her party. Everyday leading up to her party, I would check the weather. It rained Thursday and Friday. Then Saturday came and it was beautiful!!! I was so happy!! Sun was out, and the weather was warm. You would have never guessed that it was raining the past week or so. The rain came back Sunday and it has been raining on and off all day today. So we were blessed to have such beautiful weather Saturday.

Cake time. She was so excited. The looks on her face were priceless. 

 It took her a few huffs and puffs before blowing her candles out.

We had family from Edmonton drive down for the party. One of my many fave little guys in the batman shirt (Theo). Seriously so cute. 

 Mckenzie had such an amazing time. Thank you to family and friends for sharing this special day with us.

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