Sunday, June 9, 2013

7 months old!

.23 lbs
.sleeps thru the night, 14 hrs is his record
.sitting up on his own
.mastered his rolling
.joined his big sisters, eating his cereal and solids
         favorites being: wheat and mixed fruit (he could eat it all day... and I mean all day!)
                                 sweet potatoes
                                 brown rice and green beans
                                 apples and blueberries
.the amount of drool that comes out of  his mouth a day can fill up the kids mini pool. seriously so much!
.did I mention, he sits up on his own? growing so fast *sad/happy face*
.caught him on his hands and knees/(sometimes feet) the other day and that's all he does now
          (i see crawling in the near future) *another sad/happy face*
.i'm not sure who talks more, him or his oldest sister
          (Sadie still wears the crown for being miss chatty kathy, but Declan is right behind her, 
           but I do love hearing his "bah bah bahs" and "da da ah ahs")
.spitting. it's his thing
.his laugh, it melts my heart
.he smiles all day, up until he wants something, then he makes it known with big cries
.so curious
.he loves his daddy, can't stop staring at daddy once he has walked in the room
.no more random cuddles for mommy, he is always moving and on the go
            mommy sneaks in cuddles before his naps and bedtime tho
.water baby
.loves fart noises, such a boy
.holds his own bottle, my independent boy
.hates shoes, they get in the way of playing with his toes
.refuses to drink water from his sippy cup, just another chew toy for him
.always knows how to put a smile on his mommy's face, blessed

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