Monday, December 1, 2014

a Frozen birthday party

This past weekend, we had our oldest baby girl turn six! That's right, S I X! And even though she has grown so much, she is still the same - always happy, has so much imagination, such a little performer whether it be dancing, singing or acting, always a princess, and still jumping off anything and everything!

With this fun loving new six year-old, came a party. A Frozen party to be exact. She had asked for a Frozen birthday party since the movie came out. She literally reminded me every month after the movie came out, that she was to have a Frozen birthday party and I wasn't supposed to forget - It was hard not to.

So after months and months and months of her patiently waiting for her birthday to come and having that constant reminder of what kind of party she was going to have, the day finally came! She was so excited when November came. She would ask what games we were going to play, what we were going to eat, who she was going to invite. She was definitely mommy's little helper.

So here it is, a Frozen birthday party for Queen Sadie...

 We made hot chocolate packages for the girls once the party was done. They absolutely loved it - I mean, who doesn't love hot chocolate with tons of marshmallows ;)

 Pin the nose on Olaf. One of the games for the girls to play. I am the worst at drawing and it took me a half hour to draw this out. The girls knew who he was and that's all that mattered to me haha

If you know me, I'm a huge procrastinator - so bad! I left Sadie's cake last minute and didn't do any of the baking until 3 hours before the party. I'm grateful and so happy that everything turned out. Sadie loved her cake and couldn't stop laughing at the fact that a toy Elsa was on the cake! She thought it was the funniest thing she's ever seen! lol

mini cupcakes and fruit cups

The girls each had their own crown and skirt to dress up in. 

The birthday girl with her bff, Saige. 

 Playin "pin the nose on Olaf". The girls had so much fun with this game.

 Later, they played "do you want to build a snowman?". They ended up looking like mummies but a carrot nose and buttons helped make them look more like snowmen haha

 This was the game that they kept playing and playing. It was so nice to see all the girls taking turns and helping each other out.

 And once everyone was done "building" snowmen, they ripped all the toilet paper apart and had a toilet paper fight. It was everywhere! We later played a game of "who can put the most toilet paper in the recycling box". They had tons of fun playing this game, too. haha!

 We then played "stomp the snowball". I tied a ribbon that was attached to a white balloon to their ankles and had the girls try to stomp each others "snowballs" while protecting theirs.

 After games, the girls took a little kinder break. They ate and opened their kinder surprise eggs and played with their fairies that came with the egg.

We then sang, "happy birthday" to the birthday girl, had some cake, opened presents and watched Frozen.

Sadie loved everything about the party and couldn't stop thanking me for throwing her the best birthday party she's ever had! It put the biggest smile on my face seeing her have so much fun with her friends and seeing her so happy after the fact. An exhausting weekend but all worth it in the end. 

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