Thursday, November 19, 2009

T.V time means TREEHOUSE time

Now that Sadie is older, her attention is easily caught with alot of things... her stuffies (stuffed animals), cars going over the bridge outside of our window, lights on ANYTHING!, cupboards -- she's figured out how to open them, toilet paper and T.V -- more so TreeHouse.

It's our number 1 show we watch... all day everyday (except when she takes her nap -- TLC is where it's at!). But most of the time, we will watch TreeHouse and not gonna lie, it's alright. Some shows are watchable, while some shows are just "what the? who in their right mind would make a show like this?". Hey, I guess if it gets your kids attention, then they've done their job.

Sadie ACTUALLY will sit (or stand) and watch the shows. Some of her faves are...

She also LOVES Four Square and Yo Gabba Gabba. These are the two shows that makes me a little awkward haha. If you watch it, you'll see why. But some of the other shows I don't actually mind watching.

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