Saturday, November 21, 2009

Soooo... did I mention that I HATE how dry Calgary is and also not a fan of how random Calgary's weather can be -- then again, Winnipeg's weather can be random as well, so I should be used to it. But ever since we moved to Calgary, lotion is a MUST in our place. We have it in the washroom, kitchen/living room, the bedrooms, every purse I use and a few more stocked up. I love Calgary, dry weather is just not on my "why I love Calgary" list.

So with the dry weather comes a purchase of a humidifier. Oh how I love humidifiers. It especially helps Sadie alot when she sleeps. If I don't have the humidifier on, she'll cry every hour or so. She won't wake up as much, but she'll just toss and turn and keep crying until someone comes over to rub her back or something. When it's on, it's a whole different story. She actually sleeps through the night. What would I do without a humidifier. Oh boy! haha One of the things I am thankful for. May not seem like a big deal to some of you, but it's a big part in our lives now. All thanks to Calgary.

And now that Sadie's cold is on-again, i'm sure the humidifier will be on EVERY night for a good week or so.

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