Monday, October 17, 2011

Sadie and Mckenzie's first Disney experience...

The Disney store is  new and improved at SouthCentre Mall and it looks so much better now. Sadie loved being in there and did not want to leave EVER! With the grand re-opening of the store came two of Walt Disney's friends - Minnie Mouse and Pluto (I'd like to say thanks to a couple friends for the phone call letting me know that this was all happening). We waited patiently in line to see either Minnie or Pluto... I was really hoping to see Minnie but she went on a break right when we got there :( haha. Anyways, Sadie was soooooo good waiting in line, didn't complain or anything. When we slowly crept towards the front of the line, Sadie was getting more excited. Getting closer, Sadie would try to get Pluto's attention by saying "woof woof" or she'd wave and say "hi Pluto!!". As all this was happening, I was thinking, "alright, Sadie is pretty excited about this. She isn't gonna cry when she sees him and everything will be fine". I was getting pretty excited myself. But when the time actually came to see and take a picture with Pluto, Sadie froze and was speechless. She stood behind my leg as I kindly forced her to wave hi to Pluto and say cheese to the camera. Pluto tried anything and everything to get Sadie to hug him and play but Sadie's facial expression said, "no dice". So he moved on to Mckenzie saying hi and would try to give her kisses with that big mouth of his but I don't think Mckenzie cared one bit. She had a straight confused face the whole time we were there. Didn't know what the heck was going on. So we just took the picture with Pluto and left. All in all, it was still fun to see a couple Disney characters and not have to travel all the way to California.

Mike and I have been talking about a trip to Disneyland but totally when the girls are older! ha ha!

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