Wednesday, October 12, 2011

you're backyard friends, the Backyardigans!

It's the Backyardigans everyone... If you haven't heard of them, take a look at this video.

Word on the street was the Backyardigans were coming to Calgary. So we decided to buy tickets and make it a 'Sadie day'.

{ 'Sadie day' - Mike and I had a talk about having a 'Sadie day' and 'Mckenzie day' (obviously when kenzie is a little older). Where we dedicate that day just for which ever girl's day it was. This 'day' would at least be once a month either with the whole fam or just one on one. Eventually, when they get older, they would be able to decide what they want to do for their day.}

So we took Sadie out for lunch, went to ikea and let her play around there. It's one of her favorite places to run around and play. I love how Ikea is such a family friendly store! After eating and running around, off we went to see the Backyardigans. When we arrived, we noticed that just about every kid was holding a wand with 3 stars on it. Sadie took one look at all the lights blinking from the wand and made it clear to us that she wanted one as well. It was a fun show and honestly, I don't mind watching this show either. So I enjoyed it just as much as Sadie did. Actually, that's a lie. When the show was done and the backyardigans said they had to go home, Sadie was pretty upset and said she wanted them to stay. So I guess Sadie enjoyed it more than mommy did. 'Sadie day' was a success!

 Kenzie and daddy enjoyed the show too........ ha ha!

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  1. I think Mike enjoyed it the most! jk. haha. That's so fun and I like the idea of Sadie/Mckenzie day. They say that the "way to spell love is T-I-M-E". And I like the backyardigans hip dance moves. haha. Miss you guys!