Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I guess I spoke too soon about having more free time since being a stay at home mom. It's been pretty hectic here. Visiting with friends & neighbors, doctor appointments, family time and just trying to get the girls out as much as possible before their baby brother comes.

For now, here are pictures from what we've been doing these past few weeks.

 all ready for the library

 Mckenzie found the coloring table

 Sadie's first library card
 Visiting Auntie Trezzy at her work. Sadie got her nails done and Mckenzie hung out at her station

 my mom getting her nails done too!

 Mckenzie would sit at the entrance and wave bye to who ever walked or drove by the salon.
Auntie Trezzy attempted to paint Mckenzie nails but had no luck LOL

As for baby news. He's definitely testing mommy's patience. So we're still waiting.......

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  1. Soo cute!
    and don't worry he's coming! Can't wait! Tita sherris waiting too! lol