Monday, October 29, 2012

such a TEASE!

So this is me early Friday morning at about 4:00 am all ready to go to the hospital. I mean, waking up at about 2:45 in the morning with contractions 2 - 3 minutes apart lasting a minute long, you'd think it was time... right?


So here I am sitting in bed at 2:45 am, trying to figure out that what I'm feeling are actual contractions. So I sit and I sit and I sit and I sit till 3:00 comes and I decide to wake Michael up and tell him what's going on. When I tell him that I'm having contractions. His response is, "No, not right now" and then falls back asleep. Gotta love my sleepy Michael. I decide to wait just a little longer to see if my contractions will get closer and stronger, and they do. Before actually leaving tho, I decided to call the Alberta Health Link and see what the nurses opinion was. She advised to go to the hospital and that it was time. So I call up my awesome brother and sis-in-law to drive on over from good ol' Mardaloop at 3 a.m to watch the girls cause "I'm having a baby!". They get to the house and off we go to the hospital. 

Now, the confusing part... we get to the hospital and strap my belly to the device that reads the baby's heart beat and contractions. As time goes, my contractions start to decrease. Nurse checked how far I was and I was still a couple cm dilated and that head hasn't even dropped. Insert sad face here. She told me to walk around for an hour or two in the hospital and when I come back, she'd check me again. We walked around for an hour, ate and walked around some more and my contractions were slowly fading. SOOO CHOKED! Talked to my doctor this time and she said that this happens sometimes and that I could have contractions one day and then not have the baby till a week later. I was so upset. This baby is definitely already acting like daddy - making mommy wait. So we drove back home and here I am, 38 weeks pregnant. Back sore, legs sore, WHOLE BODY sore! Waiting patiently and eager to meet this little guy. 

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. Fingers crossed for good news! 

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