Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm back....

And same with these two little cuties with a new addition on the way.
We are patiently waiting for the arrival of our baby boy/brother. Less than 6 weeks to go :) 

Figured I'll have a little time to spare blogging since I've joined the SAHM club.


  1. Haha you crazy girl! I'm a sahm to ONE and don't know how people find the time! Xo best of luck in the coming weeks!

    1. LOL kids are usually in bed by 630 - 730 and Mike is gone to the gym from 8 - 930, so I have a little bit of 'ME' time to spare. It's whether or not I actually use that time to sit at a computer to blog or just rest. Usually resting wins over blogging but I'm going to try to be consistent with blogging. Key word: Try! :P