Monday, January 27, 2014

  So guess who got a hair cut and now looks even more like a little man??? Yes - he did...

When Declan was a wee little babe, he was pretty much bald. It took him a while, unlike Mckenzie, to grow out his hair. I mean, not a big deal because he's a boy, right? Wrong. Obviously, Mike and I (without having any discussions over it), both wanted our little boy to have hair just like daddy - long and curly. For the longest time, Mike would always tease, saying, "Declan, when are you going to have hair?". Then his hair finally grew out. I was so happy seeing his curly hair grow out. Both of us were. But his hair grew out very thin and for a while, Mike would always say, "Declan, is your hair ever going to get thick?". Such a tease. But he was right, his cute little curls looked more like he had bed head all. the. time! It was cute, but I could never get it to style a certain way because little wisps of hair would go one way and the other wisps of hair would go which ever way they wanted. It was just so thin to do anything.

Mike and I decided to get his hair cut. We both talked about shaving him bald and letting it grow out thick. And apparently, that's just a myth, that I didn't have to shave his head bald. That was a relief to hear because honestly, as much as Mike and I talked about shaving it, it almost gave me a little heart attack just thinking about him with no hair. Declan's hair dresser said that he could just get a little trim and that way his hair was one length which could now grow out evenly. SO relieved!!!

 So here are some before shots. It was so hard to keep this on-the-go babe still.
She had him sit in a little hot wheels car. So cute. He was so good. His first hair cut and there was no crying. Just a lot of looking back and he was making faces, as if to say, "who keeps touching my hair?". His hairdresser kept saying, "Yeap, I'm still here.", haha. She was so good with him. 
I, on the other hand, had to hold in some tears. I was ready to cry seeing him get his haircut. I don't know why.  I have never been emotional with the girls when they got their haircuts. But with this little guy, I was ready to just ball and my heart was aching. I have never been this emotional about a haircut... ever. It was the weirdest thing but I am so happy with how his hair looks now.

Declan's new-do. He actually sat down nice and stayed that way, so I could take a picture. How handsome does he look??

 And just a few more shots. Just because he looks so handsome. I can't believe this haircut has made him look so much more like a little man. He doesn't look like a little babe anymore and I could cry.

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