Thursday, October 16, 2014

Everyone, meet our family clown, Mckenzie Angela Donahue. We are guaranteed a good laugh by either watching her or listening to her. There are times (I'd say, most of the time) where she isn't even trying to be funny, yet Mike and I are always laughing over what she has said or done. Don't get me wrong, we have two other littles who make us smile and laugh until our stomachs hurt and breathing has become scarce . But this girl is definitely our family clown. She is constantly winning us over by her cute little gestures, snotty - yet adorable remarks, copy cat ways, and just not taking anything too serious.

Take this little Cowgirl photoshoot as an example. She asked for her pictures to be taken with Jesse, cowgirl boots and all. I wasn't expecting much. She suggested to take the pictures outside. It was pretty chilly, so I figured I'd take a few pictures of her smiling with Jesse and some poses. Instead, I got this -

 I took a lot of snapshots of her. Most of the pictures were either too blurry because she was constantly  moving or she had her eyes closed and was facing in a different direction. She made it pretty difficult to take pictures of her. Then again, it was HER photoshoot. She did ask for it, she could do whatever she wanted to do. But really - all the blurry pics, the funny faces, the 'I can barely see you' pictures - I love them all. Because these pictures are what shows her personality and who she really is. A carefree little girl with a big heart, who just loves to have fun.

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