Saturday, October 18, 2014

Last weekend, the littles and I, joined our fab friends for some corn maze fun! since moving out of the city and with everyone busy with school, jobs and their families, it's hard to get together these days. It was so nice getting the kids together, goofing around and even have the adults join in on the fun as well. From big slides, big bouncy 'pillows' to more big slides and a hamster-like rolling thing, that I think, the adults had way more fun in.
The Calgary Corn Maze did not disappoint. After making our way thru the physical and tiring activities,  we made our way to the animals. They had goats and kids (baby goats), sheep, chicken and ducks. I could tell Declan enjoyed this area very much. I watched him chase a goat for about a minute until the goat had enough. It was pretty entertaining to say the least. And before picking out pumpkins we headed over to the one thing the kids asked (more like begged) to go to since we first stepped onto the grounds - the playground. That area was packed - kids everywhere. There is one area on the playground where it literally had kids on kids on kids. You see, the play structure they have has a second level. Now, in order to get to the second level, you don't have to climb stairs or a ladder but instead, you climb up this curved tube looking thing that is just made out of rope. The opening isn't that big and ya, sure it looks fun to climb - just as long as you don't have 10 other kids trying to get up there with you at the same time. Every time I looked in that direction, you can guarantee, there was a kid or two crying because he/she was stuck, or was being trampled on. The kids learned pretty fast to stay away from that area - thank goodness. To the owners of Calgary Corn Maze - you should add in a set of stairs... or something, please :)
We spent a good chunk of our time at the playground before heading over to the pumpkins.  The kids were able to pick one little pumpkin and decorate it - which they had tons of fun doing.
It was definitely a great day with great friends. And if you are in the area, I definitely recommend checking it out.

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