Monday, November 17, 2014

Birthday Boy!

November happens to be a very busy month for this fam jam.

Fun fact : out of the 5 of us, 3 have birthdays in November - Declan (9th), Myself (28th) & Sadie (29th) ;)

Last week, we celebrated little man's birthday. He turned 2! He is my strong-willed, crazy, fun-loving boy.

These are a few of Declan's favorite things, at the moment -

Favorite breakfast - toast with scrambled eggs
Favorite food - apple sauce
Favorite treat - chocolate chip cookies
Favorite song - Happy by Pharrell Williams from the movie Despicable Me
Favorite movie - Disney's Tangled, especially this part
Favorite toy - anything on wheels
Favorite phrase - gasps, "oh no!"
Favorite book - Color Book
Favorite thing to play with - crayons or measuring cups
Favorite shoes - his 'Cars' crocs
Favorite time of day - bath time

We had planned to spend the day at the Telus Spark Science Center for his birthday but it snowed over night and all morning.  With one bad tire, slippery roads and the Science Center almost 40 minutes away, we decided to save it for another day.

The girls wanted to help out with the cake. I baked Declan's cake while the kids were in bed so I let the girls draw on the cake when they woke up. They had so much fun drawing pictures for their brother.

Pictures for the birthday boy from his big sissy's and balloons - we love balloons!

We were unsure of what to get the birthday boy this year. We decided to get him this Imaginarium Train set/table a few days before his birthday. We were a bit iffy about buying the table because we thought all the pieces would end up in different places of the house and that we'd lose most of the trains. I can happily say that after a week of having it, the tracks are all still together, no pieces missing and the kids actually play with it. I decided not to put it in Declan's room just yet because the main floor is where the kids normally hang out most of the time. They still play with it for most of the day which is nice.

My sis-in-law made this tipi for Declan. She made it the day of! Can you believe it? It's super cute and the kids love it. We are so lucky to have such a talented sister/auntie. She really can make anything and she is an amazing cook/baker. If she ever invites you over for a cooked meal, say yes! I promise you will never be dissappointed :)

August, this cutie celebrated with the birthday boy. He had fun playing (or should I say, sucking) on all the trains, tracks and the little people that came with the set. Such a cutie. If you have Instagram, you need to follow him - @hi_my_name_is_August

 When it was time to sing "happy birthday" to the birthday boy, he had all eyes on the little rainbow balls that outlined the cake. As you can see, most of it is gone because he was eating it throughout the day with his sisters. When we finished singing to him, his mouth was full, if he tried blowing out the candles, he'd be spitting out marshmallow fondant, so his sisters helped and blew out the candles for him.

Declan's birthday cake - I baked him a rainbow cake with vanilla buttercream and marshmallow fondant. It didn't turn out the greatest, I had used tons of icing trying to keep the cake together because I had made the layers too thin. It was so easy to make it tho, so I definitely plan on making another in the future for another birthday. 

 And last but not least, a little video of his day. Enjoy :)


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