Tuesday, October 13, 2009

beautiful ? nightmare

"Nightmares and recurring dreams are like the engine light on our car - they serve to alert us to something out of balance, or can warn us of impending trouble unless we change something in our lives."

I got that quote from a site I came upon through the msn homepage. Now I don't normally believe in these things, like "what your dreams mean" and things like that. But I clicked on the link anyways and I read through the article.

This quote stood out to me because I somewhat agree with it.

I'm not gonna go into any details, but before I left Winnipeg - actually two nights before I left, I found something out that made me realize that people don't change and that sometimes you just have to move on and not look back. And honestly, I felt like something was holding me back and I was too blind and stupid to know what it was. Actually, I knew what it was or more so, who -- I was just stupid.

When I came back to Calgary, I stopped talking to this person. But a week later, it was the same again. I gave in. And when I started talking to this person I started getting these "nightmares". They weren't really nightmares, looking back now, they were just dreams that made me feel so ... yucky -- that's really the only word that can describe how I felt every morning waking up from these dreams. They were nightmares to me and everyday I had the same dreams but it would be a little different. These dreams always had him in it, but there was always a different girl in the dream (either someone who he's already been with or just a girl that I would have thought he was with). So bad!!

These dreams went on for a good couple weeks until one day, it felt like de ja vu! I was talking to a friend and she was telling me things about this guy that I had feelings that he would end up doing but I just ignored them. After hearing about it, I felt like the same thing was happening exactly a year now.

I felt so stupid and just couldn't believe that I let this thing go on this long! I finally put my foot down. I changed my number and told him to just stay away until he does his part.

The night I changed my number, was the first night I didn't have the "nightmare". And the night after that, and the night after that. I was and still am "nightmare" free. But the question was always in the back of my head, "why did I have these bad dreams for so long and then all of a sudden just I stopped having them?"

And when I read that quote, I felt alot better.

"... (it) can warn us of impending trouble unless we change something in our lives."
I stopped having these nightmares when I finally stopped talking to him. And to this day, I still haven't talked to him and not only have my "nightmares" disappeared, I feel a lot happier. And I just needed to change one thing to feel the way I feel now. Things are finally looking up and there are a lot of events and changes coming up which I am excited about.

I'm just taking one step at a time, and I'm happy I have my friends and family to stupport me.

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