Tuesday, October 6, 2009

tuesday, mom and tots

Up early today for Mom n Tots tuesdays. Although Sadie had a late night. She was up till 2 am, fighting her sleepyness. Every little thing she did frustrated her, and I have never heard her cry so much before. But as much as I tried putting her down for bed, she was not having it.

Late bed time and an early wake up only asks for a grumpy 10 month old. Getting ready wasn't so difficult. Changed her diaper, washed her face, brushed her two little teeth and wiped the rest of her gums. Put on her sweats and sweater and and we were off to play with the other babies and toddlers in the area. But being the youngest out of the group, she either gets left behind or she gets too much attention. This time everyone was on her, showing her toys, hugging her and trying to get her to stand so she can follow them. Sadie loves being around people and little kids but she was so tired. All she wanted was to do her own thing, but the kids wouldn't let her go so easy. So what does a tired 10 month old do when she does not get her way? Cry of course and fuss and crawl to her mummie. "Mumumum" was all she could say, as she was crying and crawling towards me, waiting for me to pick her up. Poor girl, I had her in my lap the whole time pretty much, or by the stairs so she can climb them. Now that she can climb the stairs, she absolutely LOOOOVES them! She spent most of her time by the stairs, climbing all the way to the top, only to have her mummie carry her back down to the bottom. Oh and I can't forget to mention that whenever she gets to the top of the stairs, she looks back at you and she has the biggest grin on her face, like an "i did it mummie" look and starts clapping.

So after a very long 2 hours ( for Sadie anyways) of playing and treats, we get home and right when I put Sadie down in her bed, she is zonked right out and fast asleep. No fussing, no nothing.

As for me, after going to bed at 2 in the morning and waking up 6 hours later, I am exhausted and can't wait to finish this blog so I can take a little cat nap.

But to give a brief update on how Sadie is doing, She is now walking :) !
She took her first two steps a couple sundays ago in church and hasn't stopped trying. She absolutely loves walking and sometimes she gets too excited she falls on her bum. But hey, it happens to every learning baby and the more practice, the better they get. And as her mum, I get way to excited for my own good. haha

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