Wednesday, December 2, 2009

it's been a while... NEW MOON!

OK! So it has definitely been a while since my last post and I apologize for those of you who have been checking if I've written something or not. Especially those who have messaged me asking me if I still use my blog and why I haven't written something in a while haha. It means a lot to me that you do read my stuff :)

Anyways ... where do I start... ?

NEW MOON! Have you seen it? If not, I definitely think you should see it. I mean, it's not amazing or anything, but it is soooooo sooooo sooooo soooo much better than Twilight. I was really impressed with the director trying to stick to the book and their acting. Especially Bella (Kristin Stewart). I felt that in Twilight she was so ... "blah". She was boring so to say acting as Bella and I felt as if she didn't know how to exactly portray her character. She did mention that she has never read the books, so that could be the reason why. Edward still makes me feel awkward haha. I don't know why, but he does. He is still a looker tho, but I think New Moon has pushed me over to Team Jacob. After seeing Jacob's hair cut, I see him in a different light. Anyways, with a bigger budget and a new director, I had my fingers crossed hoping that I wouldn't be disappointed -- and I wasn't. VERY happy about that!

I went and saw New Moon with a few ladies in my new ward. We watched the movie and went out and ate afterwards. I was able to get to know a few girls and enjoyed the conversations I had with them. Of course most of what we talked about was New Moon, but still very enjoyable.

What else?? I guess the day after that night was my 22nd birthday and Sadie's 1st birthday party. A very busy day but well worth the running around. But I think talking about Sadie turning 1 deserves a separate entry to this.

Oh man, I guess there isn't really alot to update you guys on... I just felt like so much happened but it was only this weekend that we were super busy. Good new tho ... only a week until we head to Winnipeg. Can't wait, but unfortunately we will not be spending Christmas there :(. It makes me more upset knowing that the Moore's will be visiting Winnipeg from Montreal and we won't be able to see them! Especially their new addition, Milan! Ah! But we are excited to see everyone else, and will try to make time for everyone in the short amount of time we are there for.

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