Wednesday, January 20, 2010

my tiny little dancer

So i've noticed that Sadie is really into music and dancing. In the beginning of every show there's music that plays (the shows theme song). Sadie will be playing with her toys or will be in another room, but she hears music playing, she will seriously drop whatever she is doing, run into the living room towards the t.v and start dancing. She bounces up and down, shakes her bum side to side, moves her head and hands, pivots in a circle and sometimes rocks her whole upper body up and down (as if she was rocking out).

This makes me super happy and super excited because when she is 3 or when I know she is potty trained well enough, I am putting her in dance classes haha. I'm sure some of you guys are saying, "oh man Juvy..." haha but yes, she will be in dance.

I regret quitting dance. I wish I was still dancing, I miss it so much. I should have listened to my grandpa when he told me when I was young... "Juvy, don't quit dancing or you will regret it." He was right. So I guess i'll be living my dreams through Sadie -- NOT! I will definitely not be those parents who lives their dreams through their children. I'll put Sadie in dance, and if she doesn't like it, then she is more than willing to stop... but I'm not saying I wouldn't try to talk her out of quitting. :)

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