Sunday, January 10, 2010


I've been really busy these days and I honestly don't know where the time goes. I still can't believe it's a new year and i'm not gonna lie, I think i'm already slacking with my new years resolutions list. OH MAN! BUT, i'm trying and I remind myself everyday. Ok, not everyday, but MOST days...

Seeing as how church starts at 1, I figured I have time to update my blog.

Sadie is growing up way to fast! She is getting smarter and smarter each and everyday and I am a little upset at the fact that I am barely home anymore. Work is starting to take over and also I now have a social life here in Calgary! But everytime I come home (when she is awake), she will always greet me with THE BIGGEST AND CUTEST smile ever, run up to me and put her arms out so she can give me a big hug (and so she can get carried). And on the good days, a kiss as well. Sometimes waking up in the morning, i'll still be asleep, so she'll come up to me and wake me up with a kiss. It seriously makes my heart melt when she does this.
Sadie absolutely LOVES fruit! Her favorites right now are mandarine oranges, bananas and apples. And she won't eat the apple cut up. She needs to hold the apple and just munch on it like any other older person would eat their apple. It's so adorable seeing her tiny hands hold this big apple with little chunks missing from it. And she will literally eat at least almost all of it too.
She has finally figured out the buttons on the dvd player. Not only that, she knows which button opens the dvd player and she also knows how to stick her finger in the middle of the cd and take it out of the dvd. So funny -- she has also learned how to shake her head 'no' because EVERYTIME she goes up to the dvd player I know what she is going to do so I shake my head at her and say "nooooo Sadie". So now, she will go up to the dvd player... make sure i'm looking at her, shake her head 'no' herself, smile the biggest smile and press the open button and take out the disc.
I'm glad that we have a few kids over to play sometimes because she is starting to get very bossy and very territorial with her toys and belongings. And it's not like she'll do it in a mean way, but she will take the toy that she sees another baby holding and smile and walk away. She is such a bully sometimes, but she is starting to learn how to share and actually PLAY with these kids.

I, on the other hand, am really loving how this new year is going so far. I've met a ton of great people and some who I can call friends. Work is starting to take over my life, which is good and also a sad thing because I barely see Sadie now. It's hard, but I never knew how much I missed working. People here are great and I'm always meeting someone new almost all the time. I've gone on a couple more dates with other people and i'm starting to get the hang of this 'dating' scene. I have never been happier and it's actually been a while since i've honestly felt happy.

We miss all our close friends and family, but we're thankful to those who keep in touch!! I know i've been slacking off in pictures and updates, but I have a feeling it will be like this for the next month or so. I appreciate all the messages everyone sends me and the love and support everyone's showed us!!!

Miss and Love!!!

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