Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sadie is now a 1 year old ... is this for real?

I'm sure all of you know my little Sadie turned 1 this past weekend, November 29th. I seriously can't believe she is one already. Where does the time go??

So this past weekend was my 22nd birthday then her 1st birthday. Moving to Calgary and not knowing a lot of people here, we (my mom and I) spent weeks debating whether we should throw her a birthday party or not. The week of our birthdays, we both finally decided, why not! It is her very first birthday, whether she remembers it or not, she deserves to have a birthday party. So we called the few people we know here in Calgary and decided to have her party the Saturday coming up.

Thankfully, the building we are living in has a huge foyer, especially made for little functions for the people who live in the building. So we had a venue picked out for the party. Being philippino, and having a philippino mother living with me who knows how to cook and is good at it, we had the food picked out on what we would be having. THANK GOODNESS FOR MOTHERS! She spent the whole day Saturday preparing the food while I ran around Mackenzie town buying Sadie's cake, picking up other last minute items, putting up a little decoration, cleaning our place, and preparing Sadie for her party. It was definitely a busy day.

The party turned out pretty good. I'm really grateful for the people who showed up on such short notice and even had the time to go and grab Sadie a gift. It really meant a lot to me having them be there and sharing this special moment with us. When it was time to sing happy birthday to her, we had cake, candles but no lighter haha. We sang happy birthday to her anyways and pretended to blow out a fake candle for her.

I'm sure she enjoyed everyone being there. Although she was busy walking around doing her own thing, she was still able to at least hug, poke or play with everyone that came. And i'm sure if she could speak, she would be saying thank you to everyone who came ... maybe?

The next day was her actual birthday, we woke up and she had her fever again. I'm not sure if I mentioned this earlier but she had a fever the beginning of the weekend (friday), it went away Saturday for her party... thank goodness and then came back. She was burning up, but we still decided to get ready for church because she was still running around and playing. We didn't end up going to church because my friend who offered to drive us to church was sick too. Her and her son got sick the night before and have been up all night. So cutting church out, we still dressed up because I wanted to take pictures.

Thank you : Silvana & Mylo, the Lybbert Family, the Cruz Family, the Infante Family & McDaniel Family for the gifts you got her :)

Afternoon hit and she was not having it. Her mood was like a roller coaster. She would be happy one minute then cranky the next. This went on the whole day. She took her nap (a looong one I might add), we called Grandma B in Winnipeg and did some skyping with her. Sadie wasn't in the best mood, even after waking up from her nap. But we managed to open her presents with Grandma B watching and playing patty cake and saying "I love you's". After our video/phone conversation, we sang happy birthday to Sadie. She didn't really like that. And I was so hoping she would dive into her little birthday cupcake and eat everything but she just wasn't in the mood. Oh well. Next year I guess haha

After some pictures with Grandma and myself, we decided to call it a night for her. Poor girl sick on her birthday. She was a trooper tho and put up with me taking pictures and dressing her up in dresses and other clothes.

I love my little girl and I'm so very thankful to have her in my life.

Happy first Birthday Sadie lady, xoxo