Thursday, December 31, 2009

first in a long time.

So as most of you know I am single and have been single for a long while. Well, not that long but it's long to me haha.

I'm glad to say that I went on my first date a couple nights ago. It was a good experience for me. My first date in who knows how long and it was fun. He was a gentlemen, opened doors and everything! Something I am not used to... then again he is someone I am not used to dating. As in someone being a member.

We went ice skating. There is a lake close by his place where they have ice skating for the Winter and so we went. I haven't skated in a loooong time but he made sure I knew that he wasn't the greatest skater either. After all, he IS into basketball. Told me some funny stories about his mission... you know, the usual offering a homeless guy some rice krispies and the homeless dude freaking out throwing "eff bombs" about how he hates them and such... I laughed so hard! Then when he started speaking spanish, I all of a sudden fell face forward (later discovering my bruised knees). His spanish wasn't at all bad though, very good.

So at this community center, they have two places you can skate on. Up the hill (I guess you can call it), they have an actual rink where it's nice and smooth. Then down the hill, you can skate on the huge lake where they've made a path where you can skate on. It's kinda like at the Forks skating on the Red River. Anyways, we skated on the ice rink for a good while and then decided to skate on the lake. It started good the first half of the lake... I mean, the ice was frozen, nothing was cracking... then all of a sudden, half way into the lake, it starts cracking a bit. Nothing happened, he said it was just a layer or so and it was no big deal. But let me tell you, once I heard the cracking, my heart started pounding like crazy! So a little closer to the end of the path, he falls and I see water where he fell. At that point, I was definitely ready to freak out haha, but he got up and we decided to just skate really fast to the end. LOL The rest of the way, I tried to avoid every crack I saw coming. We took off our skates, put on our shoes and were ready to leave. As we were leaving, we saw a sign saying something along the lines to "ice not suitable to skate on... sorry for the inconvenience". I guess that explains why we were the ONLY ones on the lake.

Later we went to Timmy's, grabbed a couple of hot chocolates and talked all night... literally. We didn't realize how late it got. So we said our good-byes.

It was really good to go out, do something and meet new people. Good start for the new year, I think. :)

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