Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sleeping Beauty <3

One of Sadie's birthday presents was a little princess bed from her dadda's family. I put it together a few days after we got back. Never will I ever put a bed together ever again! It was def some hard work. On the box it said "new easy to assemble design" -- let me tell you, it was not THAT easy. It was more so strength than anything. Guess I need to start hitting the gym or start doing some tae-bo. I felt soooo weak after putting the bed together. It took me 2 hours to get it to look like that. And I am going to admit, my mom did help a little (okay, a lot!). Guess my "mommy" muscles were only built for mommy things like carrying Sadie, a diaper bag, my own bag and her car seat (before she got into her forward facing car seat).

Anyways, i'm happy how it looks like now. I did promise Grandma I'd set it up right away!! She still doesn't like being in it. I'd have to have her fall asleep on my bed with me first, then carry her into her bed. But today, I didn't have to do that. For her nap, I put her in her bed with her bottle and blanket. She cried a little but then fell right to sleep. Wish me luck for tonight!!

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